Making Motivation Personal


Introducing You To Yourself TM

Thank you for your interest in being one of the Dynamic and Highly Valuable

Speakers at our Are You Climbing The Wrong Mountain Summit!

Here you will find out information about being apart of this incredible Summit!

First, we need to determine what type of Speaker are you:

Speak For Free

Speaking For Free does not mean that you walk away empty handed.

It’s just that you don’t get paid but you can get valuable career build media from speaking for free.

Here is a list of things you can get.

1. Testimonial - written (on letterhead), video or audio recorded.

2. Pictures with organizers, sponsors, emcees, celebrities, and attendees.

3. Video of you up speaking to the audience. (Either by their staff or your assistant.)

4. Interviewed by news outlets and media partners covering the event.

5. Print media, blogs, vlogs and other social media that can tag you.

6. You can also list build by gather attendees information (name, email, cellphone number.)

So as you can see, “Speaking For Free” does have its advantages you just have to know how to

maximize them to their fullest potential.

Speak To Sell

Speaking To Sell is what I would call the next step up from Speaking For Free.

It includes all of the benefits listed in the previous category but with one distinct difference.

You have the option to sell your products or services.

So in order for fit in this category, you have to have done some practicing of you selling techniques

(getting people to take action) and doing free events gives you the background so that when you

get to this category it’s not new territory.

Pay To Speak

This category is also a plus to “Soft Sell” your event. You can promote your event in such a way

not to steal the thunder from the event that you are attending. This is just a common courtesy that

should be understood but never assume. Asked and get it in writing on the front end.

Get Paid To Speak

This type of speaker is truly engaged with their tribe and it shows by the causes they champion

and the impact they make through philanthropy and service. Once you have reached this stage

you are just getting started because you can then show up and coming speakers how you did

what you did by paying it forward through mentorship and counseling.