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Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you got out of your own way?

Have you ever imagined what your days would feel like if you stop holding yourself back?

Cicone Prince understands the challenges facing every individual from Small Business Owner-Managers and Employees. Challenges which makes it hard to produce the best possible outcome in your day-to-day life. One of Cicone’s Core Beliefs is that we all need to develop as a person because no matter where you go, you’re there. So if you never become a better version of yourself then you take the old way of thinking and behaving from one job to another from one relationship to another from one situation to another.

By developing personally you can overcome, adapt or adjust to any situation that you might be faced with.

Through Speaking, Authoring, and Coaching, Cicone offers a wide variety of options for Personal Development that can be Inspirational (Speaking), Self-paced (Authoring) and Accountable (Coaching).

Speaking – Front Keynotes, Workshops to Breakout Sessions, etc., Cicone has a unique way of connecting, communicating and clarifying your organization's core values, missions and goals. (Click here to see what others have to say about Cicone’s Presentations.)

Authoring – Starting with his flagship Amazon Best Selling Award Winning book, “Are You Climbing The Wrong Mountain” Cicone has proven himself to be a relevant voice when it comes to personal development and self-actualization. Now the author of 4 separate books, Cicone appears to have a never-ending supply of illustrations, stories, and information to help his readers grab hold of the truth of their own significance. Knowing When To Jump, Shooting From The Hip and Are You Smart Enough To Play Dumb is just the start of his literary collection that has one goal, To Make Motivational Personal By Introducing Yours To Yourself. TM

Coaching – No one who has ever accomplished anything worthwhile did it by themselves. They had someone outside of the situation seeing things they couldn’t see and providing insight and perspective. Cicone Prince Break Through Success Coaching provides the inspiration, insight, and accountability that helps propel our clients to the place they want to be.  With a custom-made Coaching package as well and a diehard commitment to your success, your success is within reach. Go to our Programs to find out more.